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What are the benefits of this service?

You may not realize how important it is to have a clean dryer vent. Dirty dryer vents not only cause you to waste money on drying clothes, but are a huge fire hazard, with lint and heat building in the same space to make a recipe for a disaster. That’s why we offer thorough and professional dryer vent cleaning services to make sure that your home is safe and energy efficient.

Before and After

Your dryer vent slowly builds up lint, dust, and other particles that block the heat flow to your dryer, causing you to spend more on drying your clothes and creating a huge fire hazard. By cleaning your vent, you make your residential or commercial space safer while also saving money on drying your laundry.

What we do for you:

Remove Fire Hazards

Lint is extremely flammable, and a dryer vents transfer a lot of heat. So when your vent is dirty or clogged, this heat can build up, causing the lint to ignite. This is a major cause of home fires, and is one of the easiest fire hazards to prevent. By working with our professionals to clean your dryer vents, you make sure that your home has one less fire hazard to deal with. In addition to our expert cleaning services, you can also perform regular maintenance to minimize fire risk in your home.

Cleaner, Safer Air

Your dryer vent is a part of your building’s air duct system, and is constantly building up lint, laundry detergents, and other potentially harmful particles. These particles can get into your air ducts, circulate through your building and can even result in hazardous breathing air. When you simply clean your dryer vents, you can proactively ensure better air quality in your building. By choosing LA Duct Cleaning for dryer vent maintenance, you ensure that the air in your residential or commercial space is safer and cleaner.

Save Money and Energy

A clogged and dirty dryer vent results in less efficient laundry cycles, causing less of the heat to travel from the vent into your wet clothes. This results in you having to waste time, energy, and money. When you clean your air ducts, you not only remove fire hazards and clean up your air, but you’re cutting down on the waste that comes from a less efficient drying cycle. That’s why LA Duct Cleaning brings you quality dryer vent cleaning services.

Homeowners Association Section (HOA)

We offer negotiated discounted rates to qualified Homeowners' Associations. We'll help take the worry out of making sure your HOA is as best protected from fire hazards as possible by managing your dryer vent cleaning. Most dryer vent manufactures: Amana dryers, Bosch dryers, Electrolux dryers, Frigidaire dryers, GE Appliances dryers, Kitchenaid, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Haier, Speed Queen, Whirlpool recommend dryer exhaust duct cleaning once a year. We'll work with your HOA on scheduling the dryer vent cleaning for all residents and can bill the HOA or the residents directly. Call us to negotiate the best rate for your HOA's dryer vents.

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